Why I Don’t Meditate Anymore (And My Tips for You to Meditate)

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One of the most powerful way to meditation is through metta meditation, or loving-kindness meditation. We repeat a few lines of kind words to ourselves, people we like, and sometimes people we don’t know or even people we struggle to like. The kind words usually go like this:

May you be truly free
May you be truly happy
May you be truly safe
May you be truly healthy

You can add other kind words too. It aligns you to the positive energy.

I love this meditation because during the most depressed phase of life when I felt unsafe and trapped, this meditation released the internal pain and restriction built inside me.

Meditation can be powerful. To the extent that once you are freed in my mind, sometimes it doesn’t matter when your outer circumstances have not changed. For example, if you are stuck in a toxic relationship or a pointless job, before you manage exiting the external pain, meditation will give you an internal happiness and peace that free you from the outside world.

There are many guided meditations and retreats out there nowadays and everyone is talking about mindfulness and meditation.

I have been practising meditation for more than two years now. I am an anthropologist and pursuing enlightenment (or find the truth and the wisdom) is kind of my life’s calling.

However, I can’t be bothered with the current chat about meditation anymore. Many people practice meditation as if it is a drug, a sort of medication that can relieve you from your sh*t.

This form of meditation will not give you true freedom.

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If meditation is like drugs, then just like you take Gaviscon, and your heart burn will then be gone, then you continue to eat badly, and until the next time you a heart burn again, you will take Gaviscon again.

Meditation doesn’t work like this. It is merely a gateway — A gateway to the present moment.

Unlike Gaviscon, when you meditate and you must understand that attitude and sometimes radical…

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